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literary_fic's Journal

Literary Fic
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Fan Fiction based on classic literature
This is a community for those who like classic literature, and who enjoy writing and reading fan fiction based on classic literature.

Classic literature is, admittedly, a rather broad term. For the purpose of the community, I don’t want to over-define it. Feel free to write about any of the famous and enduring works of literature written over the centuries (and quite possibly stuffed down your throat during your school days!). Stay away from new popular novels, such as Harry Potter, which may someday be considered classics in their own right, but have not yet withstood the tests of time. Obviously, this is a place to write about stories from books, not movies, TV series, etc.

Some quick rules:

1. This is a place for reading and posting fan fiction. Fan fiction related discussion, such as recommending your favorite stories from other sites, looking for a beta reader, or posting prompts for your favorite fandoms is okay. Of topic discussion isn’t.

2. Please place your stories under a cut!

3. Please include a quick summery of your story before the cut, and be sure to specify which fandom it is for. Your summery should include a rating, and any warnings.

4. Adult content must be marked as such.

5. Be kind to your fellow members! Constructive criticism is welcome. Flames are not.